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The 10 Most Beautiful Animated Films of All Time

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The 10 Most Beautiful Animated Films of All Time

While it would be ridiculous to assert that a list like this is definitive, I have tried to make sure that it is at least representative. The greatest works of animated cinema are not all hand-drawn, nor are they all computer-generated. Animation is almost as old as the medium itself, starting (perhaps) with “Fantasmagorie” in 1908. Since then there have been a whole slew of techniques, more than a few of which I’ve made an effort to highlight here. Moreover, the international dimension of the art form shouldn’t be overlooked. Animation is more than Disney and the Hollywood studios, more than even Studio Ghibli. And with with the somewhat garish “Turbo” racing into theaters (read our rather positive review here), it’s important to remember that animation is a lot more than what most audiences are sold these days.


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July 29, 2013 at 4:55 am

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